I am in the process of selecting a PDA. I don't want to go over
$100/$120 and that could be refurbished.
I have looked at models like the Palm Zire 21 and the older Palm IIIxe
but it seems they both lack something i need.
I need a PDA primarily to enter DVD names which i collect. I got a 300
DVD collection which is growing quickly and I have started buying the
same DVD's twice. I want to enter my whole collection in the PDA and
keep on updating as I get new ones for easy check while in stores.

Some features i want:

-I want to be able to download software and games either freeware or
shareware from the net.
-8 MB RAM (No more no less)
-Wireless capabilities (Web browsing/email)(Won't use now but maybe in
-XP pro compatibility (A must)
-USB prefered

Some features i don't need:

-Color not needed
-MP3 not needed

Is it a mistake to buy the older Palm IIIxe ?

I hope someone can recommend some models.

Thanks a lot