I have a user with a Blackberry 7280 with AT&T service. We have
Exchange 2003 and a Blackberry Enterprise Server. When user is local
the Blackberry works fine. When the user travels across the country
and roams that user gets old email (sometime 5-6 months old)
re-delivered again! It only happens when the user is traveling.

More detail

We use to be on an Exchange 5.5 email server with a different
Blackberry Server and a different Blackberry and the same thing would
happen for this user!!

This user has alot of email messages and syncs many folders. Also
this user never purges any email or a Delete Prior. Im thinking that
when local the user connects to the local radio tower and the
Blackberry works fine. When flying across the country the Blackberry
stops responding (because is looking for the old radio tower) then all
of a sudden all the old email gets re-delivered again. It's like when
traveling and connecting to a foreign radio tower the device or tower
says here is all the email that you missed.

The re-delivered email is not even in the Inbox anymore since it was
moved to folders by hand in Outlook.

Any Idea what's happening? The Blackberry, Exchange Server,
Blackberry Server all have been changed

Only thing to stay the same is the user and Simm card was moved to new

Thanks Ed.