Two things on which I'd appreciate your thoughts..

My partner has a Tungsten TE and SonyEric Z200 phone. The Palm phone updater
doesnt have a secific .pdb for the Z200 but does anyone else know if another
driver def woiuld work ? T68 and the like don't go. The TE and the Z200 will
be talking via IR.

I have a T2 and a wierd problem with voice record and MP3 players. After I
use an audio player to play MP3s from the card (Real, PocketTunes etc.) the
Voice Recorder then refuses to record; it runs ok but just doesn't record. A
soft reset is the only thing that fixes it. My guess is that some common
buffering widget in the audio system somewhere didn't get released by the
MP3 player but I can't find anyone else thus far who has the same issue.
Anyone else found & fixed it ?

Keep the faith Palm persons.