Hey all,
After reading some recommendations for the Orinoco Gold card with the
J720, I got one. Now I am having some problems getting it to install.
I got the drivers from the Proxim site as mentioned in this group,
unzipped them and ran the setup program for Win CE 3.0.
It ran on my PC, then opened up the Active Sync program, and installed
to the 720. I saw an instillation dialog box on the Jornada.

Then I inserted the card, and I got a message that said "Unidentified
PCCard Adapter, Enter the name of the Driver for this PCCard."
When I open the Orinoco program manually, it just says," Driver not
Loaded" and then closes after a few seconds.

Has anyone had this happen? I have tried resetting it, reinserting the
card etc. with no different results.

I am hoping I can just type in a driver name or path and make it work,
or possibly just download the .cab files and install it on the 720 and
get it to work that way, but what I have tried already has not worked.

Please let me know if you guys have had similar issues, or you think
you may know what to do.