Handy Service is a sales and shopping software for Palm OS handhelds.
Also it is useful for job management and work log tracking.
Desktop program for Handy Service is available.

New version introduces:
- Palm OS 5 support: small hires fonts, Tungsten T3 full screen, 5-way
- Beaming of orders and goods including related info (categories,
prices, taxes, etc.),
- Clipboard for items in order,
- Sorting of orders and items by any field,
- Searching of goods in order by first letters,
- Improved convenience and some bug fixes.

Download trial version:
(manual and examples are included)

More info:


Also there is a freeware previous version, Waiter Assistant:


Handy Service is a sales and shopping software for Palm OS handhelds,
both for home users and service staff. It allows doing mobile sales,
tracking orders for goods and services, maintaining shopping lists.

Initially it was intended as assistant for waiters, traders, salesmen
and other service staff to help them at the restaurants, bars, cafes,
shops, car service centers, hair salons and other service places.
Further it was adapted for home users and allows maintaining shopping
lists, planning purchases, estimating of purchase expenses and
tracking and accounting a lot of other things.

Another application is job management and work log tracking. It allows
having multiple clients and tracking which jobs you have to do for
each client, accounting for paid and done jobs. Also it is possible to
record daily works and activity for each work.

Handy Service has an independent desktop program, which allows
maintaining all the data on a desktop computer, viewing orders,
printing bills, exporting orders to Excel (csv) files, loading and
saving list of goods to Excel (csv) files. Also there is an instant
desktop, which allows picking new orders from multiple Palms in

Handy Service is a commercial successor of freeware Waiter Assistant,
which is still available at our site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
Best regards,
Dmitry mailto:support@handysolution.com
http://handysolution.com - finance, sales and shopping on your Palm