I updated my IPAQ H5550 with the new ROM update from HP. That installation
was OK, but I was fooling around with the File Explorer and found some files
in the temp-folder I wanted to delete... and executed every one of them
instead (easy task). I know there was a large file there from the update
that had not been deleted, so it executed that file as well (rest was
textfiles etc).

So now my H5550 has stopped working. After boot, it fails to get the gui.
Hard-reset don't work. I guess I have to transfer the ROM through the
serial/usb cabel.

Now to the questions I have in mind. How do make my H5550 work again?

1. What it the key combination to get to the previous Compaq "parrot" so I
can connect my iPaq through the serial/usb cable.
2. When I get my iPaq into this update mode, what it the best way to
transfer the ROM?
3. Have anybody else had this problem... and fixed it themselves?

With kind regards,