Okay, I have a Palm m125.

Recently, the batteries went dead. Luckily, I'd already backed up
everything I needed to my PC via the sync crade.

So, I put in new batteries, and restarted the Palm. I had to go
through the usual "new user" setup -- click on the X, etc. Then I
synced the Palm to get my data back.

I have the Palm m125 update, so when I re-synced, the Palm wanted to
reset, as that's what the update does.

When I reset, I could no longer click on the home area -- nothing
happened. It was showing the "set time and date" area. I could kinda
click on some of the options, but not the drop-down menu so I could
get to "digitize" and perhaps fix the problem. In essence, the Palm's
idea of what I was clicking on was completely wrong.

I did a hard reset, erasing all data, and it was fine again. But
instead of syncing, I did a soft reset -- and the same problem
manifested again!

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

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