We have a custom web application, and one of our client wants to add Bar
Code Scanner support on one particular page in the system. The form will be
very simple, with a single textbox and submit button. Scanning a bar code
will fill in the text box, and press the submit button. I'd like to make
this process as simple as possible for the end user.

What I'd like is to have the system automatically move the navigate to that
page, set focus on the textbox, fill in the bar code, and submit the
information, no matter what page the browser was currently viewing. The
alternative is to require the user to navigate to this page manually before
performing the scan. We haven't yet purchased a specific bar code scanner.
Is there bar code scanner out there that supports this behavior out of the

If not, is it worthwhile to write a custom process to capture a "Preamble"
set of characters, store the bar code information, manually navigate the web
browser, submit the characters, and submit the form. This solution would
work, but I'd prefer not to wrap the web browser inside another application.
If we used this technique, I'd like the process to look for an open browser
window that is already authenticated into our web application.