I'm seeking an eBook compiler that will enable me to auhtor in, say,
HTML or PML (Palm Markup Language) (hyperlinks capability essential)
that will compile the finished product into a stand-alone programme
for use on Palm (and preferrably also Pocket PC) hand-helds.

Ideally, my preferance would be for a programme that does not require
Royalty payments on distributed eBooks. It's not the Royalty cost
that's the problem: it's the accounting. Royalties are a headache
(been there, done that).

There are many such compilers for Windows desktop computers - does
anyone know of similar authoring programmes for use in developing
software for hand-helds ?

Note: I'm not interested in anything that requires a special 'Reader'
to view the finished product on a Palm or Pocket PC - the need for
such a proprietory Reader is only an impediment to sales.

Thanks in advance,
David Berghouse
email: info at microbiz dot com dot au
(you know how to rewrite this)
Note: The email address in the header is no longer valid.