I am considering to buy an Asus Mypal A620 or A620BT for using it together
with my Etrex Legend for car navigation.

I've already searched the Internet for info about the necessary cable. Up
to now unfortunately to no success. :-(

Since the combination A620 + Holux GPS mouse is offered at some shops I
suppose the problem with a direct connection A620-Etrex is not the logical
interface but the voltage level:

- Garmin Etrex uses a standard RS232 interface with +12 V
- the Asus A620's interface also features an RS232 but at TTL level (+5 V)

For this reason a level converter (like Max232) would be necessary - just
like in most data cables for mobile phones.

Can anyone confirm this or is there somewhere a pinout of the A620/A620BT
26pin interface available?



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