I have the following hardware. HP Jornada 720; Socket Bluetooth card; and
Sony Ericson T610 Mobile phone.

I can already access wap sites on my phone using O2's GPRS service in the
UK - and that works fine.

I have also been able to get the Jornada to 'Bluetooth pair' with the phone.
I an also dial up my isp from my Jornada via Bluetooth and my mobile.
However - I still have one problem that wherever I look - I can't seem to

How do I set my Jornada to access my ISP using my GPRS connection rather
than at ordinary 'slow speeds' that it currently uses during dial up?

Any help re configuration/ settings etc would be very much appreciated - I
assume this isn't too difficult to achieve, and there must be people out
there in the uK doing this already?