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> 2004-01-24 Transcriber iconbar was displayed entering note on an
> appointment
> Opened transcriber options and unchecked "show iconbar"
> Returned to editing note
> Area that used to be covered by iconbar now showed calendar (not
> note pad)
> Scrolling note resolved the issue


i just had another less than perfect experience with my X3i, it was
very similar to aforementioned issue:

Entering a note using the Transcriber, showing iconbar
Opened the transcriber options, unchecked iconbar
Returned to entering the note
Area previously occupied by iconbar show directory of notes (what was
underneath note screen)
Right-side scrollbar had two down arrows, the upper one scrolled the
note, the lower one scrolled the directory of notes
De-activating then activating the transcriber resolved the issue - the
notes form now occupied the entire area

anyone else get the impression M$ was a bit trigger happy when the
released Windows Mobile 2003 into the wild? Or that perhaps Dell
didn't do their homework and send it back 'til it was ready?