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I have the same problem with my palm Zire 71. It turns itself on when
an alarm occurs, then doesn't shut itself off. I found the link above
when searching for a solution. Once I learned, from that posting,
that the problem seems to be related to the cards on the other flap of
my case, I figured out a work-around which seems to be working.

I place a credit card sized object (in my case, an RSA security card.
A credit card or office card-key access card or even a piece of stiff
cardboard would probably work too) inside the case, perpendicular to
the palm, supported by the sides of palm. That prevents the objects
in the opposing flap of my case from putting pressure on the screen
which enables the palm to shut itself off after issuing an alarm.

I've been using this work-around for 3 days with no dead battery.

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else has the same problem,
since I didn't come across any other solutions or work-arounds in my


Steve Palmer