Hello all,

Please bear with me as this is a long explanation.

A friend is giving me her old m105 that she really never used. She said she
couldn't figure out how to connect to her cell with it, so she purchased
another one. It's been in the closet ever since. She's not very
electronically oriented, but I seem to have discovered her problem.

I have a Nokia 2270 cell phone with a DKU-5 Data cable. I am *supposed* to
be able to use my cell as a modem with this thing. I too am having trouble
figuring out how to use the m105 with my cell.

When I do the reading, it would seem that they both are compatible. There is
just something missing here. Is there software that needs to be installed on
my m105 perhaps? If so, how would I go about doing that?

What I'm wanting to do is use my dial-up for my ISP to send/receive email.
That's it. I'm not wanting to surf the web nor send faxes.

I'm getting very confused on how to do this. Why can't it be simple such as
connecting the cable, from the phone, and telling my m105 to dial this

Nokia has been little help. It says that I need a driver to use my phone as
a wireless modem. The m105 is old, I know. According to Nokia, I must
download a small software file and driver. This is all well and good, but I
can't seem to discover the secret on getting these things onto my m105. Once
I do all of this, there will be little memory left on my m105.

I've also seen some very old posts about a shinei modem that is apparently
no longer manufactured and I can't find anyone that sells them.


My life doesn't depend on this m105. I don't even plan on using it much as
an organizer. I just want wireless email. That's it. It's a free gift and it
would be nice to figure this out.