I'm using Palm Desktop w/hotsync to sync 3 different Palm devices to the
same Palm Desktop. It seems to work ok for the regular PIM data, but is
screwing up on the apps. I want them all synced to the same PIM stuff so
I don't want to create other users for each device. I don't want the same
apps/data on each device though since they're running different versions
of some things because of diff. res. and color vs mono. I tried deleting
the TEMP007 folder under Backup where it's apparently trying to "restore"
a device from when it sees the apps & data aren't the same. That didn't
work, so I tried only moving the files I didn't want on the 2nd device.
Also didn't work. Tried taking everything out of the Backup and Temp007
folders all together, and still no luck. In fact, with the last 2 it
crashes the Palm device, Hotsync AND Palm Desktop! I hope somebody can
advise me on what to do. Here's the dump from the Hotsync crash if it
helps. I never know what to make of these things.

HOTSYNC caused an invalid page fault in
module SHW32.DLL at 014f:0a932d94.
EAX=026a0036 CS=014f EIP=0a932d94 EFLGS=00010283
EBX=00000000 SS=0157 ESP=0072f590 EBP=0072f5b8
ECX=30204536 DS=0157 ESI=026a0010 FS=409f
EDX=026ae836 ES=0157 EDI=30302034 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 79 02 8b 4a 02 8b 52 06 89 51 06 66 8b 38 8b
Stack dump:
026ad970 01b70010 0072f5bc 026a0000 0a932c77 01d000c8 026ad970 017101f8
026a0000 026ad970 00000000 ffffffff 0a93bdbc 026ad970 027e7018 0a93c0ea

Update: Just as a shot in the dark I changed the "custom" settings from
"desktop overwrites handheld" back to "synchronize" and for some insane
reason it worked without crash. It did come up with some wacked error
msg. about one record being before 1970 and the prog. only supporting
dates after that. Of course, there was no record like that. Weird.
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