(Sirjo Lee) wrote in message news:...
> my 200LX is now in the situatin that
> when I open it I hear and feel something like tac-tac-tac, it is loose
> to open and if I go to more than 90 degrees the screen opens wide falling.

It sounds like the clutch on the right side of the hinge needs to be

From the faq (on fixing loose hinges):
"To fix the hinge yourself, pull off the right end cap (it should come
straight off using no tools harsher than a fingernail), and clean the
center with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol."

A bit more info on cleaning the clutch:

For pictures see How to dismantle the HP 200LX:

Worst case is the hinge is cracked. See
HPLX.NET HOW-TO: The Hinge Crack Problem

> Thanks in advance to anybody will answer
> Sergio

Hope some of that helps.

- Stephen