Hi again, all. Remember me with my HP 620LX, wince 2.0 & pcmcia
ethernet card? Anyway, I've gone over the help at both cewindows.net &
hpcfactor.com & still can't get my handheld to connect to activesync
with my windows 2000 desktop. HELP!

The 2000 desktop is connected to the net via an adsl router. When I
plug the handheld into the same router, I can surf the net & ping the
2000 desktop from the handheld (by name & by ip), but cannot ping the
other desktop that I also have on the same router (running windows
98). I also cannot ping the handheld by name from the 2000 desktop.
All machines are set for dynamic ip's (i.e. DHCP).

I'd simply love to be able to setup the handheld to connect to the
2000 desktop to activesync. What do I have to do?

Thanks in advance.

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