The primary task for the handheld I intend to purchase is to manage my
--My appointments are with persons who will have been entered into a
contacts list.
--I want the contacts list to be associated with the appointment
scheduler/calendar. After each appointment I want to be able to make a
brief note of 50 to 100 words about that meeting.
--I want the notes to be associated with the particular meeting and also
with the particular person who attended the meeting.
--I want to be able to transfer the meeting notes for each particular
contact to my desktop for storage. (Ideally, the file on my desktop would
be MS Word but a plain text file would be okay.)

Is there handheld software that will do these tasks for me? I am not a
salesperson but I wonder if the palm version of Act! Contact Manaement would
do this. Perhaps there is another program that will do this without some of
Act!'s sales-oriented functions?

Thanks again in advance,
David Todtman
I want to then transfer those notes once a week to my desktop computer.