I have an old Handspring Visor Pro..it works well..but it's time to move

Looks like Handspring is now PalmOne (which used to be Palm)

I was given a Palm at work and I only liked the fact that I can see it
(I'm over 40 now and it's very hard for me to see my Handspring..the main
reason I want to move on)

with my handspring:
when I am in my calendar..I hit "new" and a menu pops up that says..new
what? Appt? Floating event (rolls over to next day until I check it off as
done), to do, or template

All my to dos that are dated automatically go in my calendar..and I am
used to this.

with the Palm
does not matter if I date the to do item or not..it will NOT show up in my
calendar (what's the point of dating it then??)

instead..I can have this awkward looking split screen with to do on the
bottom and calendar on top

does anyone know if this is an old thing or a handspring thing?

I want my dated to do's to go in my calendar automatically..and I want
floating events...(never saw a floating event option with my Palm)

I want a menu to pop up when I click on NEW in the datebook

is this possible with any of the current Palms???

If not..is there a way I can keep my current date book with a new PDA???