The LocBrowser Basic Edition Release 1.2 is available now.
This is a non-stable release. New features: full support
for PPC2003/Windows Mobile 2003, multiple (XML-based)
profiles and interactive GPS receiver configuration.
Please visit
to download a free copy. (Of course, there is also a
free stable version available.)

The LocBrowser technology assists you managing your
personal private and professional location data.
The Basic Edition is a moving map application.
It comfortably combines the use of multiple
digital maps (e.g. in BMP or JPG format)
with GPS positioning.

It is available for PocketPCs with Windows CE
3.0 (PPC 2000 or PPC 2002) and Windows CE 4.2
(PPC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003).

Enjoy the software and let me know what you
think about it!