Yesterday I finally got my hands on second-hand IPAQ 3870 from Canada.
This is my first Pocket PC, and I had no previous experience with them
so maybe I'm overcareful. My problem is that some programs, just
moments after running, quit and return to the OS (Pocket PC 2002 by
the way) without giving any error message or other indication what is
wrong. What worries me is that I am quite sure that I have installed
the programs exactly as their authors described the process in readme
files. And that my palmtop is supposedly on the supported list. The
troublemakers so far are PocketDoom and PocketQuake2. It doesn't worry
me that much in itself but rather as indication that something with
the IPAQ may be wrong... afterall they won't work, even installed just
after hard reset, with over 32mb of free program memory (and the Doom
application says that similiar problems may occur if I have less than
8mb!!). Is it possible that this is some problem with the memory
chips? The pre-installed diagnostic program didn't detect any faulties

Very similar situation takes place when I try to open avi file. The
preinstalled player won't open avi files, and PocketDivx which seems
to be quite popular program on the net, just returns to the operating
system after showing first caption of the file and playing something
like 1 second of music. Well the avi file is quite big (40mb) but
still I'd rather expected some error message and not this strange
quitting again. Is that normal???

The other strange thing which happened to me was that once after some
experimenting with these programs I got "This is not a valid PocketPC
application" whenever I tried to run *any* application. And even the
soft-reset wasn't able to cure this condition.

I will only add that I have no problem playing mp3 files, browsing the
web, using pocket word, sychronising and reading avantgo pages (I
instantly fell in love with avantgo!) and establishing the bluetooth
connection with my phone.

My ROM revision is 2.20 and I have succesfully installed the newest
End User Update 3 from HP page. But the above problems persist. Can
anyone please tell me if everything's OK with my IPAQ and how can I
test it beyond all doubt. And if I was to return it to its former
owner, how can I prove him that something is seriously wrong with the

Thank you for your time,