Looking to jump into my first PPC and would truly appreciate input
from users. Gosh knows after a while the model numbers all begin to
swirl around...*g*

Anyways, after reading some posts here it appears WM2K3 is the OS of
choice overall. I'm most interested in synching with OutlookXP,
scheduler with audible reminders, WiFi would be nice but I am wired at
home at work, nothing is Bluetooth either. The growth of hotspots
seems to lead one to at least consider WiFi though. It would seem at
least 64M RAM (32ROM) is the way to go with SD (CF would be good too)
for expandability. Might one be able to tap into a cat5 10/100 via
USB on a PPC? Price point Im looking at is around 350US. (Less is OK

I've gad Toshiba notebooks before and loved them but Toshiba seems to
be severely lacking in support (upgrades, etc.) for PPCs. I've fought
(and lost) with HP in the past but then the past is the past.

Any thoughts on refurbs? i.e. refurbdepot.com and the like.

Any input/ideas/comments would be more than welcome. I appreciate the