HI all.

Recently, I had a Dell Axim stolen and had to suck it up and buy a new
one. It runs Pocket PC 2003.

This whole situation started me thinking towards a method of security
that could be created in the Pocket PC.

The requirements are simple, and mainly:
1. Can not be removed by a HARD RESET.
2. Should email the current IP to an email address without the PDA
user being notified as soon as wireless is enabled or put in Sync.

As soon as it was synced or on the net, this email would be sent and
could be forwarded to the correct authorities to recover the PDA. The
end user would have no idea an email was even sent.

This doesn't seem TOO difficult, but I have no Pocket PC programming
experience. I thought possibly someone knew how to hack the Flash ROM
and could change the TCP/IP stack to detect a network connection
somehow and send off an email. That would allow it to survive a HARD
reset being that its burned into the ROM.

Anyone know if this is possible or if someone has done this idea

Brendan Frey