"Angelo Gaggero" wrote in

> Hi,
> can anyone of them send me any comment about
> the Toshiba E330?
> In particular, I read that the battery cannot be replaced...
> Well, a ion lithium battery should allow from 500 to 1000
> recharges in its life cycle... what happens when the battery dies? Is
> there a way to replace it? At what price?
> Thanks in advance for your help.

The battery is under 1 year warranty, so if it dies within the year you can
have it replaced free of charge. If it is after the 1 year warranty you
could check with the service provider of Toshiba in Italy and ask them how
much they charge (from the Toshiba website: Progetto Elettronica 92 SpA in
Mazzo di Rho +39-02-9 39 75-551).