You're in Italy, no? Find a place that sells Lithium Ion batteries.
If you can open your Toshiba up (like I did with my old Visor Prism)
you'll see what voltage (3.7 or such) the battery is. Do a search for
that kind of battery and voltage and a place like should have one you can order and install into
your Toshiba.

The downside is that if it doesn't work, you have to return the
battery and pay $20 for mailing and restocking. The upside is that you
keep using your Toshiba for about $60 instead of buying another PDA
for $200 plus. Ciao! Deric

"Angelo Gaggero" wrote in message news:...
> Hi,
> can anyone of them send me any comment about
> the Toshiba E330?
> In particular, I read that the battery cannot be replaced...
> Well, a ion lithium battery should allow from 500 to 1000
> recharges in its life cycle... what happens when the battery dies? Is there
> a way to replace it? At what price?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Angelo Gaggero