I hope someone can help me brainstorm.

We've got a good size company, but I've got 3 guys who do not work in
the office, instead, they are in field offices. Many times these are
crappy construction trailers on jobsites with very little security.

These guys need to
1. download pictures from their sony digital cameras to some medium
that will transfer to the main office systems.
2. Enter their time into the timesheet system (web based)
3. Send, receive email
4. compose and read word and excel docs
5. read tif file (fax images)
6. websurfing for weather and radar reports.

Current setup is - 400mhz PC w/ 56kmodem to ISP, then connect in to
VPN to access email and time.

The thing is - updates and maitnenance on the computers is difficult.
The users don't have permissions on the systems to install software,
etc. (there is a valid reason for that). Also, dial up access is
SLOW, especially when transfering pictures. High speed connections
(cable or DSL) are not a viable option because of contract times
(these mobile offices move alot).

We have blackberry technology, but the limitations there are 1.
viewing and composing of attachmetns (word, excel, tif). 2.
timesheet is web based, but not text web based and must be connected
to the VPN.

Laptops were ruled out some time ago because 1. These guys lose/break
cell phones on a regular basis. 2. Sites are not secure and the risk
of theft is high.

I'm at a loss as to how to help these guys get more technology. Any
brandstorming ideas would be appreciated.