could use a little help with my ipaq i have a 2215 that i just bought
2 weeks ago.which i would like to store some music on .
now it will store about 7 or 8 songs so i went and bought a sd memory
card which was a lexar 128mg card it seems to store kazaa downloaded
files fine mp3's etc but i just started downloading legal music files
from musicmatch which when i triy to copy to my memory card i get the
message sd memory card is not sdmi compliant.i have tried hp support
which was not really a great help and also music match support which
takes 2 days to get back to you(still waiting).my question is this
since when i save the protected music to my ipaq it plays fine but
when i try to store it on the memory card it dosen't work is the
problem in the the card and if so who sells sdmi compliant memory
cards and help or insight on the subject would be appreciated
vincent paul