Colin Pinkney wrote:

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>> Paul Kinsler wrote:
>> > I also find them fine. It does bug me that the keys you get numbers
>> > on are along the top, though -- I'd have preferred them on a
>> > 3x3 block of keys on the far right, so multi-digit numbers
>> > could be tapped out easily while holding the Fn key down.
>> > Not sure what left-handed users would make of this, though.

>> Still syncs to Windows, not Linux.
>> Apparently still can't read a portable USB
>> CDrom.
>> No WiFi or Bluetooth.

> What exactly are you referring to here?
> The Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 has been confirmed and it has been confirmed to
> have USB host capabilities and builtin WiFi AND Bluetooth.

Real USB? Can use a CDRom or other USB device?
WiFi? Finally! Now, if they include software to sync to Linux, rather
than Windows only.......

When I shake my killfile, I can hear them buzzing!

Cheerful Charlie