On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 12:52:36 -0600, Kevin Porter wrote some
stuff about "Re: Ipaq 3871 and nokia 3650", to which I would like to add the

>>Im having som difficulties with these to items. I want to make a connection
>>to the internet using the a bluthoth connetion between the Ipaq and 3650.
>>The problem is, Im only able to request a dialup connection, but Im sure
>>that it is possible to make a GPRS connection. Does anyone know how i migth
>>be done

>With Tmobile the number to call is "*99#".

Yes, it's provider specific though, but usually something along those lines.
Do a Google search that has "*99#" in it as well as the name of your GSM
provider. (There are lists out there with the settings for every provider in
the world.)