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Only 0.99p / $1.99 for a 40+ page magazine devoted to the collection,
preservation and history of all aspects of digital and electronics
technology, including computers, arcade games, calculators, led
watches, phones, appliances, gadgets, robots, radio, audio and tv.

This issue features:

Old-school computer learning
Early modems in the US & UK
Commodore PET computers
Tomy handheld electronic games
Flight sims - flying with home computers
Defender - the thinking man's arcade shoot-em up
Learn about maths the vintage way
Vintage voice recorders
First 'personal' radios
Interview with Richard Hanson - Superior Software founder
Will my vintage electronics collection still work in 100 years time?
Vintage LED clocks
Repairing handheld games
HP calculator memories

Plus sections on museums & collections, latest events & news and book

VTM aims to explore the legacy of recent past technology, explore new
'electronica' which could become or already is collectible, be an
enjoyable resource for collectors & historians and celebrate the
history and personalities surrounding this subject.