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'08). Only 0.79p / $1.60 for a 40+ page magazine devoted to the
collection, preservation and history of all aspects of digital and
electronics technology, including computers, arcade games,
calculators, led watches, mobile phones, appliances, gadgets, robots,
radio, audio and tv.

This issue features:

GO Compuserve!
Back when mice ran on wheels
I love my Tandy CoCo
ColeoVision - the arcade experience brought to the home
Mattel handheld games
Sinclair calculators - elegant little number crunchers
Seiko TV-Watch and its legacy
Early Technics receivers
The first one-way teletext services
Don Wetzel, co-patentee of the automatic teller machine
70s & 80s answering machines
When compulsive hoarding gets out of hand
Adjusting CRT colour monitors
The Atari user shows

Plus sections on museums & collections, latest events & news and book

You can also get the printed version for 1.99 and it is now possible
to get single printed issues of current editions.

VTM aims to explore the legacy of recent past technology, explore new
'electronica' which could become or already is collectible, be an
enjoyable resource for collectors & historians and celebrate the
history and personalities surrounding this subject.