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'08). Only 0.79p / $1.60 for a 40+ page magazine devoted to the
collection, preservation and history of all aspects of digital and
electronics technology, including computers, arcade games,
calculators, led watches, mobile phones, appliances, gadgets, robots,
radio, audio and tv.

This issue features:

The first LCD watches and their evolution
Early computing predictions - how many came true?
The first walkmans
Personal robots of the 1980s
Magnavox Odyssey - first home video game
Early pocket TVs
Review of the best modern TV retro-games consoles
The first computer viruses
Doom and the birth of LAN games
Epson HX-20
Interview with Tilly Blythe - curator of Computing at the Science
Computer time sharing memories
What type of collector are you?
Cleaning old electrical equipment
Commodore calculators

Plus sections on museums & collections, latest events & news and book

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VTM aims to explore the legacy of recent past technology, explore new
'electronica' which could become or already is collectible, be an
enjoyable resource for collectors & historians and celebrate the
history and personalities surrounding this subject.