Clever Monkey wrote:

> pierre lemercier wrote:
> > I need a 2 GB SD card for my PDA (MIO P500). No problem with a 1 GB
> > card, but impossible with a 2 MB card.
> >
> > How to format a 2 GB SD card on my PB?

> As suggested else-thread, this device may not be able to address that
> space. Better check the specs.

My PDA is a MIO P550 wich is said to support up to 2 GB SD card.

> How is this related to Mac applications?

As I don't have any PC it can be convenient to format my SD cards on my
mac (Powerbook under os x 4.9). It works with 1 GB card but not with 2
GB card. Why? (I use Disk Utility and DOS formating)