Linux trash ....

I will flash my GP2X 3.0

back to the old Linux , which

was not as crippled .

I can see what i have

on my older GP2X , it has all

the same JPG and MP-3 and

it shows NAND flash and the

systems settings are avail .

But not 3.0 !! NAND is greyed out

and ADVANCED is greyed out ...

So i go to INFO , and all i get

is a GPH advert !

The EXT connector is microscopic ,

and is far too close spaced for high

speed signals .
I have 10 Nintendo DS Lites , im hacking .

They have 802.11b WIFI and the

BIOS is easy ! Moonshell OpSystem is

crash every other keystroke .

attach a KeyBoard

to GBA port , plus a 100 GB HDD , and

start hacking ! But you'll need to get your

nieghbor to FlashMe2 the EEPRM ,

to "unlock" the protection ...

I bought a "M3-Simply " , but it tunnels

dynamically . I'll tunnel by permanantly

flashing the EEPROM , so i wont need

to use M3-Simply any more .


BTW I have a 49G+ .

Its worthless . Everything i type ,

in is wrong , because of the bad

formware keyboard routines .

You repeatedly MUL a constant

and it does it correct , but repeat

and take your eyes off the LCD ,

and it deletes a number , and MUL

the wrong number .

Hewlett Packard is garbage ..