We have around 30 users with Pocket PCs who synchronise their emails
using Active Sync version 5 with the Exchange 2003 server. It was
setup by a consultant a few months ago, and worked fine when it just
stopped working. Now whenever a Pocket PC user tries to synchronise,
it almost immediately completes with no error message, but no new
messages have been transferred over (or for that matter new calendar
appointments \ contacts etc). There is no error on the Pocket PC, but
I have seen one or two errors on the Exchange Server's event viewer.

These are (event ID 3005):

Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server:
[excserver.ourdomain.com] User: [test2005@ourdomain.com] HTTP status
code: [409]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working

Oddly enough there are just a few of these events, while over the last
couple of days synchronisation attempts by users must have been at
least a hundred by now.

I have tried this:

http://hardware.mcse.ms/archive35-2005-12-262517.html (which made no
difference at all)

and this

(which did not fix the problem but caused an entirely new error -
ActiveSync encountered a problem on the server Support code: 85010014.

Quite a few people seem to have experienced this judging by postings,
but I dont see any official MS 'fix'. Any ideas people?