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> Some of the features I would like... feel free to add on more features
> you would like, and suggest some models. There is one coming out
> called the HTC X7500 (HTC Athena). The only thing I don't like about
> the X7500 is the hard drive... I would rather it only use an expandable
> memory slot to reduce the size of the phone.
> slide out or flip qwerty keyboard
> vibration
> speakerphone
> call recording
> touchscreen
> camera (ccd vs cmos, lens)
> bluetooth 2.0
> wi-fi
> built in gps
> display (640x480 minimum)
> expandable memory
> 400mhz or higher processor
> would be nice...
> radio transmitter to play mp3s in car

The IPAQ 6515 has most of this, but 312MHz processor, Bluetooth 1.2, and no

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