I'm hoping a kind soul will offer me some general information--the help

desk people at my work are clueless about this issue. I am a former
Palm user who loved my Palm desktop software, which allowed me to sync
to multiple computers. So I could get my email and calendar items from

my home and work accounts--no problem. My palm didn't have wireless,
so I couldn't reply to messages, but at least I could get caught up on
my email reading while on the train, etc.

Now my employer has asked that I change over to their Blackberry
Enterprise server so that I always have wireless access to my work
email, which I have set up on my work computer. The only problem is
that I would like to also wirelessly sync to my home email/calendar
account. Truth be told, I am more concerned about syncing the calendar

items, because I have 3 kids, all of whom play soccer, and a very busy
home life.

So my question: Is there a way to configure my blackberry (which is
connected to my firm's exchange server) to also sync to my home
outlook email/calendar?

Really, all I need is a simple yes or no. If I can't do it, then I'm
going to go out and buy a Palm Treo so I can keep track of home stuff,
too, but obviously I don't want to carry around two devices if I don't
have to.

Sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum. I just need some quick
help. Or...point me in the right direction, eh?

Thank you--