A PSP2 soon to be announced?

Last update: Submitted by Baranowski, Paul

Is it possible that the PSP, could get a new look just like the DS? In
recent news, there is a slight possibility that Sony will use
large-capacity memory from Samsung. "According to the Korean online
publication Chosunilbo, Samsung admitted that they will not be capable
of filling a large order of NAND chips for Sony, which we presume was a
statement borne out of a request made by the Japanese game company."
While Samsung definitely denies any knowledge of the PSP2, it's
possible that they are hiding something.

The large filling on NAND chips is definitely Sony's next step in
their new portable console. If the PSP2 was to really come out, then
it would have to offer more than the original PSP, and knowing its
possibilities, I doubt Sony has sufficient technology to go with the
PSP2, and we may rest assured that we will not hear from it for months
to come. It is also rumored that Sony will be switching from memory
sticks to hard drives, thanks to which the manufacturing cost would
lower by a lot.

If there was a possibility of a new PSP coming out, then it would
change the prices of the original significantly, which would be both
good and bad. Good because more people will be able to afford it, and
bad because the original PSP has yet to be "explored" Overall I
think that for the time being, no new PSP is needed, the current one
works just fine, and except for the high cost of memory sticks it's a
great system.