Q: What is PocketDOS?
A: PocketDOS is a powerful virtual PC software environment for your
pocket computer that allows you to run a DOS operating system and have
instant access to many DOS applications* on your pocket computer,
whilst simultaneously allowing the use of the pocket computer's native
applications. PocketDOS also allows DOS applications to access serial
ports, built-in modems, infrared ports, bluetooth devices, removable
storage disks, touchscreens and shared network resources, and allows
file sharing between the pocket computer's native applications and DOS
(* Intel 8086/80186/80286 (real-mode only) compatible using
CGA,EGA,VGA, HP-LX or text display modes)

Q: What is new in this version?
A: This version:
- Adds Extended Memory (XMS) v2.0 support
- Adds BIOS extended memory support
- Adds support for real-mode 80286 software
- Adds command-line tool SETCPU for switching between 80186 & 80286 CPU
- Adds EGA BIOS detection switch to command-line tool SETSCRN
- Adds options for tweaking display performance
- Improved Windows Mobile 2005 support
- Improved performance
- Improved Mouse driver
- Improved Windows 3.x Mouse driver
- Improved Expanded Memory (EMS 4.0) driver
- Improved VGA BIOS compatibility
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Q: Which devices are compatible with PocketDOS?
A: All Handheld PCs, Palm-sized PCs, Pocket PCs or SmartPhones with
Windows CE 1.0+ or Windows Mobile and Hitachi SH3, Hitachi SH4, MIPS or
ARM (StrongARM, XScale) compatible processors. All Casio PocketManagers
with Windows CE and MIPS-compatible processors.

Q: Where can I download a demo copy?
A: http://www.pocketdos.com

Q: What does PocketDOS cost?
A: PocketDOS pricing starts at 22.95 (EUR).

Registered PocketDOS users can upgrade (for free) to the latest version
of PocketDOS.

Any queries should be addressed to the PocketDOS support forum in the
"Support" section of the PocketDOS website.
PocketDOS - Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer.