Hi Doug,

Douglas A. Taylor wrote:
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> Hans Lindgren wrote:
> >Hi Doug,
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> >What brand and kind of NIC (LAN-card) do you have in your desktop PC?

> Ummm. I'll have to get back to you on that. I think it's an SMC
> something-or-other.

The SMC cards I have seen uses upper memory, if it is a SMC, maybe this
is something to look into. If it is a SMC and it uses upper memory, then
you must exclude the memory range it uses in the EMS-driver EMM386.EXE in
DOS, even if you use the NOEMS parameter.

Assumptions is assumption, take a look at the NIC to determine what brand
it is, this is the key to the solution, but I think you understand that.

> >In
> >what way have you determined that it does not work?

> It crashes. When things aren't set up properly, I just get a connect
> error, but when LSL.COM and the ODI driver is loaded and everything
> looks OK, NDO crashes when I try to look at a web page.

Seems to me as some sort of memory conflict, see above.