Yep, I know.......... but I am not talking about the sender ;-)

And now we are waiting for:

PC/GEOS (Geoworks 1.2)
Escape for GEOS 1.2

With Commodore GEOS there might be license issues, so this might never happen.
PC/GEOS in the flavour of Geoworks 1.2 would be nice.
Why all this poking around in the old junk stuff? There are several reasons.
The first is one is that it will help Breadbox to strenghten its trade mark
as the GEOS company. Making old stuff available that is impossible to buy,
will reinforce the copyright that Breadbox holds.


MeyerK wrote:
> Hans Lindgren wrote in message news:...
> > Apparently this seems to be *some* PR for Breadbox. I have seen the

> > spread on the 'net that Breadbox makes Apple II GEOS freely available,

> > it seems being well recieved. One pick:
> >
> > BR,
> > Hans

> Well, look at who submitted these news :-))
> Bye,
> MeyerK