Should the presence of a cable modem prevent using a dial-up modem and phone
line for faxing out of 3.2a?

The dial-up modem is on COM 2.

I have both version 3.2a and 4.20 running on Win 98. My internet access is by
cable, so it has been a year since I have had to use my conventional modem. I
moved just before starting to use the cable modem. Then 3 months ago I had
some trouble with my C drive so a professional tech swapped C drive with D
drive. And everything has worked fine since then.

Since then I have decided I want to use the enabled FAX-send feature of 3.2a.
So I connected the conventional modem to the phone jack. .

4.20 showed, correctly, that COM 1 and COM 3 are both on IRQ 4, although they
used different addresses: O3F8-03FF for 1 and O3E8-O3EF for 3. But 3.2a would
not let me select 1 or 3 on any interrupt. I tried copying 3.2 from the present
D drive to the new C drive, but that did not make any difference. But 4.20
showed the COM ports from the C drive as well as from the D drive.

Since then I have run Turbocom and set up a virtual Com4 on IRQ 3. But when I
try to use FAX Receive, it drops down to Win98 and gives me the message that
another device is using the port. But the only thing on the port is the dial-up

What is likely happening?

Any suggestions or work around?