Well, all my postings turn up at http://www.news2web.com, so I am not sure
that the problem is on my side. The postings from you and Jens turn up on
my newsserver, OTOH, I have not seen any postings from Edward for some days.
I have also compared Newsreaders listing with the news2web server and they
are identical, what I can see. I will send an e-mail to my provider, but
I doubt that there is anything they can do, the problem seems to be somewhere
on the "road". I will also try do use the news2web server to see what happens.....


Thomas L. Christensen wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 07:22:42 GMT, Hans Lindgren
> wrote:
> >Hi Thomas,
> >
> >I got your e-mail, and it works ok, what I can see. I have replied to

> >too. Maybe there is a problem with a server in the newsfeed in germany

> >continental europe? Maybe the MS-Blaster worm have created problems?

> Well, I only emailed you because Jens' said he had problems sending
> mails to you. But you DO have a problem with your ISP or something.
> Some newsfeeds - including News.CIS.DFN.DE, and the one Jens and
> Edward use - don't get all your messages.
> --
> Thomas L. Christensen