Hi Paul,

You can buy Breadbox Ensemble from Breadbox distributor Sun2000 at: http://www.sun2k.com
You can also download a tryout from Breadbox called "Ensemble Lite", which
is a very crippled version compared to "Ensemble", but you get a feel of
what Ensemble is like.

I don't think you can substitute Windows 98 fully with Breadbox Ensemble,
but I don't know you, it depends on what you do with your computer and Windows
98. I use both Windows 98 and Ensemble, myself. I have been an old time user
and I have followed the product over the years, and I like the simplicity
of the product. Nowadays I use it for e-mail, usenet newsgroups, websurf,
wordprocessing in Writer, some playing with graphics in Artist, viewing pictures
and so on. I am actually using the whole package in a greater extent than
I use what is bundeled with Windows, so I really cramming the invested dollars
out of it.

However, there is backsides, too. There is no support of USB. The printer
support is somewhat limited, but is good for canon inkjet printers and decent
laser printer support (300dpi), and superb dot matrix support (if you own
such acient printer). Multimedia is limited (no mp3, no Mpeg video and so
on). However there is decent third-party drivers to download for free for
SB soundcard from Två Katter. Breadbox Ensemble operates in "real mode" which
means it does all the things (preemtive multitasking) in base memory (640k).
This leads to memory constraints when browsing if the memory configuration
is not done properly, therefore a proper memory configuration using EMS memory
is vital, if you plan to browse the internet. The browser does not handle
java or javascript, due to lack of memory. In fast computers there is a problem
called the "fast CPU bug". This bug, to my knowldege, affects P4 CPUs, from
which frequency I don't know, but it can be fixed with a software called
CPU killer, there is a link on the Breadbox homepage. This bug leads the
software loader to crash at startup.The "fast CPU bug" will not be fixed
until the realease of the 32 bit memory model.

The memory system in Breadbox Ensemble is under reconstruction, to a 32
bit model, according to the Breadbox support. No date is set and no indication
is given when the 32-bit version will be released, other than will be sometime
in the future. There will be some updates of the software prior to the release
of 32-bit version


Paul O. BARTLETT wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, hyubso wrote:
> > [cut]

> > windows is chaos run wild.. even IBM admits it
> >
> > the solution is geos, or an exact structuural clone of it.

> I've been reading this ng for only a short time, so the issue
> may well hvae been dealt with a long time ago. If so, pardon the
> repetition. I, too, sometimes get frustrated with Windows (98, in
> my case). I looked at Breadbox's web site, and Ensemble looked
> interesting. What I don't understand is why they won't sell it to
> individuals. New Deal Ofice looks more like crippleware, at least
> from what I could tell.
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