Jens-Michael Gross wrote:
> > Hans Lindgren spake unto us, saying:
> >
> > >Holger Laux wrote:
> > >
> > >> Have you trid MPXPLAY ?
> > >
> > >Yep, I have but I could not give you a review, as I can't remember

> > >one it was. I will try it again, and see why I have dumped it.

> Hans, your posts are still invisible for Edward Nijs and me (we only see
> the responses of others), so what did you do to your provider?

I blowed them away......nah, just joking....... I haven't done nothing,
I can see all the postings here including yours. I have one ISP and a mailbox
somewhere else at my previous provider.

> I sent you an email yesterday and got a warning (not a final failure
> notice, yet) that it was undeliverable (connection refused by one of the
> mail servers in the chain) for over 5 hours.

Strange! I have recieved a normal flow of e-mail from my provider and I
can't see any problem. I have recieved emails both from Sweden and abroad.
That, of course, does not exclude a problem with my ISP.......

> Looks that tehre's something wrong with you provider or the routing.
> Can you send ME an email or does it not work too? Please test it.

Yep, I will try that......