Pat wrote:
> "Ray Kopczynski" wrote in message
> > LOL! Actually, I see only you & Bob calling folks IN a Geos ng

> "extremists"
> > for wishing to use and extend an OS they like & enjoy...

> Ray, I'm just warning you about the perils of bucking the thought police.
> > That part I agree with -- as far as you've stated it. On your Windows/MAC
> > machines, you do need a "teacher" there to mentor them on the process.

> argue
> > that if you simply sit a raw-newbie down to a PC that is open and has

> screen
> > full of icons on it -- they will be lost.

> Depends on the person and I have seen quite a few self starters who just
> need a video or intro book to get started. None of this is rocket science

> the majority. It takes practice and a tenacity to learn. The problem is

> our society has lowered the expectation level of what a person must learn

> be educated and ready for the work force. We're turing out illiterates

> some are illiterate in multiple languages.
> > Absolutely! The GlobalPC has a "single" key they can press that will

> them
> > through the entire initial learning process -- including how to use

> mouse --
> > no need for any other interaction from an adult. Guess what it's named:
> > "Learn" -- and it is available for reinforcement at any time. It's elegant

> and
> > bullet-proof IMO.

> That can be done on any Windows PC with any number of tutorials. Geeeez,

> just a program, its not some firmware. LOL!

If so, how come that there is no?