Wow! I am impressed! Vouchers in the range of 5-29 dollars! To buy any software
or hardware! They gotta be kidding........................... What a lousy
joke! If Microsoft agreed that they "overcharged" buyers of their software,
then they should make a refund. Smart move of Microsoft to fool their customers
and second time with worthless voucher of low or no value, most people will
probably be happy not understanding the situation. Most probably will Microsoft
gain more money in this "deal", in the long run. Screwed again?


Ray Kopczynski wrote:
> That's all this is, and it's "chump change" to them. At least some of

it will
> go to schools.
> Just a continuing sad story that "might" -- read that as MONOPOLY (and
> exquisite early-business accumen) are still pervasive in their ongoing
> practices.