Hi James,

James Lawrie wrote:
> Howdy,
> I have a good dos MP3 player (mpxplay) but I can't run it and use NDO

at the
> same time. If there was a native geos version like the CD player then

> could listen to music while I type a letter or use the spreadsheet.

Well, that is the case, it is usually stated in the documentation. This
is due to that the playing is done in the software, on the contrary to the
CD player, where the playing is done in the hardware (CD player), the software
is just an interface, and the playing is done independently from the software.

> Even though it's 16bit, a simple MP3 player shouldn't be a problem if
> someone had the time to write it. I'm not looking for fancy graphics or

> superduper EQ, just the ability to select a playlist and player controls
> like the CD app. I managed to get the sound drivers (sb16) from NDO2000
> working in NDO 3.2a and they work well for what apps support sound.

Still, any MP3-player requires 32-bit code, usually the math is done in
32-bit code, and this will not work in GEOS. What I recall the math library
needs to be rewritten in 32-bit code. The MP3 player I have seen for GEOS
is simple, just the things you have asked for.

> There may be no need for a Pentium, but it's like a car. You can get by

> a 4 cylinder, but a V8 will give more driving pleasure.

Yep, I agree. There is 486 MP3-player in DOS. I say this as there have been
said that there is a need for a Pentium processor to play MP3-files.
This can't be true as there is 486 DOS players that works excellent.