Tom Accuosti wrote:
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> Hans Lindgren wrote:
> | Tom Accuosti wrote:
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> || Chip Reinhardt wrote:
> ||| Hi, Tom,
> |||
> ||| Well, to be honest, Ensemble 1.2 ran very nicely on Win98x, and I
> ||| didn't see the need to upgrade. Plus, I liked Tetris in Ensemble
> ||| 1.2, they got rid of it in later versions. With respect to the
> ||| fixes for Ensemble under W2K, those fixes only applied to Ensemble
> ||| 2.x, and wouldn't work for Ensemble 1.2, at least that's what I
> ||| remember reading. I tried some of the fixes, but couldn't get them
> ||| to work with W2K and Ensemble 1.2
> |||
> ||| Why does my wife like Ensemble 1.2? Well, she really like the way
> ||| GeoWrite works. She tried Wordperfect and Word, hated their
> ||| complexity, and wanted to go back to the simplicity of GeoWrite.

> ||| was happy to accomodate.
> |||
> ||| Oh, and my copy of Ensemble 1.2 is is on four 3.5" diskettes, not
> ||| 5.25" floppies. I also have some additional diskettes for the
> ||| optional Ensemble 1.2 font package and art packages.
> |||
> ||| Chip Reinhardt
> ||
> || Frankly, GeoWrite was the reason that I kept using GW for years after
> | I
> || went over to "the dark side" . It was easy to use, had lots of
> || features, multi-column layouts, lotsa fonts, WYSIWYG-friendly
> || (remember when that was important?). I did newsletters, menus, term
> || papers, erotic poetry (I was single then), and could save things
> || with loge file names. It was great!
> ||
> || I managed to save the Tetris app and install it with 2.1, so I didn't
> || lose anything. I used it on and off until about 5 years ago,
> || actually. Word just aint as friendly for the stuff that I wanted to
> || do. BUt my all-time favorite was Lotus' Ami Pro - a few steps above
> || GW in functionality for the stuff that I was doing at the time.
> |
> | I can add, that Lotus Ami Pro (now WordPro) was and IS better than
> | MS-Word, too! I was using it frequently in the early 90's. Came
> | across it again some year ago, when a client running some thousand
> | clients looked at "Smartsuite" as a replacement of MS-Office, it is
> | still very impressive.
> |
> | BR,
> | Hans
> Yes, I've seen Lotus SmartSuite, and in fact, had a copy of it a few
> years ago that came with a PC, but WordPro isn't exactly the same as the
> old Ami. OTOH, it was still better than MS Word, and now I'm tempted to
> find that disk and install it .

Yep, you are correct, remember the difference in WordPro towards AmiPro,
but I didn't find that too disturbing........
Well, there is always the problem with document formats, many people tend
to email propriatary document formats, like
MS-Word documents, instead of standards like RTF. Always a headache in using
other WPs like WordPro, even if the import/export are very good in WordPro.

> A few years ago I was teaching myself VBA, mainly for Excel, since I had
> been building spreadsheets for certain manufacturing processes. I tried
> converting those sheets to Lotus 123 and was horribly disappointed in
> all the stuff that didn't translate. I still find the Lotus UI to be
> nicer, and for some reason that program just looks prettier on the
> screen - colored tabs for different worksheets and more customization
> options for navigating large sheets. I'd still be using it, but I really
> need the more advanced programming options with Excel. Or at least, the
> VBA made it much easier to create worksheets to do what I wanted, and
> keep the other employees from screwing things up unintentionally.

Exactly what I have found, too! Except for that I don't use VBA in Excel.
Lotus 1-2-3 have always had a nicer design, and was more powerful than Excel
until a certain version, I can't recall now, but after that Lotus 1-2-3 was
lagging behind, and still is, except for the design.

BTW, all this makes me think of how the wast majority of users act. They
look at the neighbor and uses that software. When doing WP or desktop publishing,
it is MS-Word, that is the standard, set in concrete. Despite the ease of
use or if it is the right tool. I was supporting a user who used MS-Word
to DTP a simple broschure, this by advice from a "computer expert". Word
was the best thing to use, and I heard the user swear and yell, producing
the broschure, so I just have to ask, whats up? When I looked at it, it was
a couple of minutes job in GEOS Writer. My oh my, MS-Word was NOT the right
tool for this, but I saw that there also was MS-Publisher installed, and
I asked about that. He just said, that it was something ugly bundeled with
the office package. Hrmm, was my comment, asking if he ever had consider
using that? No, over my dead body.......he looked like Homer Simson saying
that! After showing MS-P and convincing him using it, there was no shouting
an yelling, and the broshures is produced in a copule of minutes, or a coffee
break, instead, there were even useable standard templates.......