--people I want to know why jews gave me bio and chemical weapons, what
did I do when I was only 7 years old, what did the rest of children do
who were used as subjects for jewish biological and chemical weapon tests.
Assalam u'Alekum

There is a box right behind the white house, you know this is the symbol
of media, Jews like Rubert Murdock control most of media, it is not
about controlling 45% of audience, actually even when it only 35% Jews
had their friends in other Newspapers and TV channels, virtually they
control everything thanks to corrupt. Honestly if they can stick to 45%
honestly it is a lot better than playing indirect games. The question is
not who controls what, it is have we really educated people around us
about the real problem, have we focused our energy and efforts in right
direction to address the right problem, I personally donít think all
this was done in the right way for last 1 century. So secret services
started introducing protests around the globe hoping it will bring
change. Jews and their global force started killing all those who stood
up and else they forced them to have unlawful sex. Everyone was supposed
to have unlawful relationship for once, one way or another, most people
could be directed into doing unlawful things using media and secret
services. Jews introduced unlawful relationship _apparently_ as a way to
control the people and find out what is going on. In other places
protestors were simply crushed, just like it happened in China.
Apparently CIA introduced student protests in China hoping it will bring
change and in return Chinese authorities crushed them all using heavy
tanks.(more to follow)

AniMatrix: Giving me bio weapons to create brain tumor is lower left
part of brain
These inhuman Hyenas who have no courage to face the truth and confront
me, developed a standard procedure to destroy the nervous system of
intelligent human beings using bio weapons, then have unlawful sex with
every member of their family or else every person they like. And as you
can see this is what they did to me, even though they tested their bio
weapons to disable my arms when I was only seven years old child. Infact
back in poor countries, they have given all sorts of biological weapons
to children. This is not all, Cebrial Bulut a jew working for Jewish
YMA(NASA) and Mahmud Kurchu came to my house after I had recovered from
kidnapping. And gave me this biological weapon that created brain tumor
is lower left part of my brain, tumors canít be removed from lower parts
of brain as the risk is too high. One must admire the inhuman and coward
practice of these Jews, and the amazing length they go to against
others. One must question how in the world did they develop bio weapons
that only affect some specific part of body.

Cebrial Bulut had told me look you will get brain tumor is lower left
part of your brain and if you reach hospital in next one week you will
be fine. You are too intelligent you can become a problem for us. He did
not even bother thinking twice I couldnít recall anything and it was not
my fault. My guardian took me to Melbourne airport (just like the way
these Jews do things) where stacks of Jewish women were waiting to be
selected so they can have my child. Before we go on one should question
how did they import these thousand of Jewish terrorists in the country
and how can they blind us all from facts, you see we have corrupt
leaders on our side who have no courage to speak the truth, who like to
play political games, to stay in power one way or another. Trust me if
you people had any faithful, honest leaders a lot would have changed
long time ago. I am not joking this is how it happened. Selim Elhouli,
said hey I would have unlawful sex even for sex to save my life.

But I honestly pray to God, oh God show all these people who are
standing aside and watching all this, they can affect my brian, but
intelligence is a gift from God. Make my weakness, my strength from
today and please help me to call people back to God.

AniMatrix: United Nations created to make sure you all stay slave, mice
and mosquitos
Jews have killed hundreds of millions of nonJews, and collected millions
of body parts (using bio weapons), just like they removed my kidney
when I was only 15 years old, Jews do this to very young children in
Muslim countries who are intelligent, brave and faithful (Die Bart die).
This place 01 is supposed to be Mecca, apparently Jews donít let anyone
get direct about things, it is just like Alan (instead of Allah). As you
know the Hadith about time when Dajal will control of every thing around
the world, people will be forced to obey him, it is from that part. The
picture of a girls sitting in Buddhaís position is to bring Japanese and
Buddhist people on board. Hadith tells us that Masjidi Haram is supposed
to be round (strong hadith)/ square (weak hadith). Though truth can only
have one right meaning in this case, but I guess nothing should stop us
from working toge

United Nations was created to keep you all a slave, and sleep. And that
is the reality of United Nations, it never worked on any real problem,
entire human race was forced to have unlawful sex or else become a
target of bio weapons but UN did not do anything to stop it. UN is only
good for controlling mice and mosquitoes, human beings who live and die
on the street are only treated like numbers and not human beings. World
bank and IMF only see them as just a machine and if a few die it
probably wonít make much difference.

The man who changed a lot of things in 2000, told us that they actually
want to isolate me for some reason, and besides so many people around me
have changed, this canít be without any powerful reason. We will talk
about AI part later in detail.

May God give us all the ability to be honest, to think, to analyse and
to get better each day. May God give us the ability to focus our enegies
to address the real problem and not distractions. May God save us from
the bad affects of society and give us the ability to get better each day.

See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons

download the Animatrix animations from

People why can't these jews confront me, why are they running away,
what have they got to hide, I have seen how entire Muslims Ummah was
forced to do unlawful things or else was treated as mice for bio and
chem tests, people isn't justice our right too, was I born so Jews can
treat me like slave and use me as testing ground for bio and chem
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